We need change

You are concerned about climate change and you believe we need to act now to face it? The progress we’ve made so far is totally insufficient to ensure a liveable world in the next decades? Youth has the power and the skills to contribute to the change? If you answered at least one of them with yes, then read on. On the 16-18th of November you will have the chance to meet with like-minded youth in Vienna to learn, exchange ideas and take action. We are organising the Austrian Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) that will fill those three days with lectures, debates, creative workshops, opportunities to network and connect to find our role and voice in the fight against climate change and for climate justice.

The reality of climate change

Climate change has become a serious issue worldwide, even more in Austria. The UN Secretary General Guterres called it “the most systemic threat to humankind”, and it is a threat which our generation must face. In Austria we have already seen an above-average temperature increase of 2°C with consequences for snowmelt, heatwaves, vegetation, flooding and much more. The next decades are expected to bring a higher temperature increase overall and more disruptive weather events, if we don’t act fast.

Get active!

Maybe you feel you don’t know enough about the topic? If you want to know - then don’t worry. The conference is there for all motivated youth (15-30 years), regardless of background and previous knowledge. You don’t know how you should explain everything to your peers and family? The conference is also there to help you communicate the stories behind climate change. If you want to get active, but don’t know where and how, then this is your chance. The programme will be shaped by many engaged organisations with whom you can thus get in touch with. If you are already familiar with the topic there are going to be just as many opportunities to go deeper into a topic or discover completely different approaches.

Interested? Then join us at Austria´s Local Conference of Youth!

The majority of the conference will be held in German!

Your registration will be prioritized if you can attend most of the conference!

With support form the ÖH BOKU

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